I have lost my job and have some urgent financial need. Can you help?
Yes, absolutely! All the short term loan services arranged by us at Unemployed Need money are entirely dedicated for the jobless individuals who are in need of urgent financial assistance.

Do I need to specify the purpose of loan?
Certainly not! Once you get the loan amount in hand, it's all your money and you have the complete freedom to discharge any of your personal requirements such as.

Do you have any loan services where I don't have to put my asset as collateral against the loan amount?
All of the loan services arranged by us are short term services which are unsecured in nature. So, you don't have to pledge collateral for any loan service with us.

Will my bed credit history affect in obtaining a loan?
You don't need to worry about your low credit scores when you are dealing with us. All kind of applications are accepted with us regardless of their credit history and you don't even have to go through any credit check formalities. So whether you have arrears, late pays, missed pays, defaults, low credit scores or insolvency in your credit history, you can apply with us for any of our short term loan service without any hesitation.

Do I have any obligation, when I apply with you?
No, not all! You are nowhere obligated with us and have the complete liberty to back out whenever you want to, in the entire transaction.

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